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The Sixth Day of Christmas - The Feast of Saint Egwin

December 30, 2021 Neil McKee Season 2021 Episode 6
Renew The Mind; Transform Your Life
The Sixth Day of Christmas - The Feast of Saint Egwin
Show Notes

The 6th Day of Christmas

 Saint Egwin (don’t think "St Eggwhisk").  Absolutely committed to supporting widows and orphans.  He was very strict – promoting faithful Christian marriage, and clerical celibacy – which made him less than popular with many!  He was dispatched to Rome to seek vindication from the Pope.  Miracles happened en route that led to his later recognition as a saint.  The miracles are mentioned in the recording so I won’t expand here.

 My point – a man of principle whose actions matched his beliefs.  He committed to caring for those that God places as a priority too.  A man who left a powerful legacy since he went on to found the Abbey at Evesham.

I learned a new word too: “Obloquy,” which means, “strong public condemnation.”

 The United Nations have identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  To take practical action on this, I have been a member for several years of, “Buy One; Give One.”  The idea is simple, and the execution is exquisite.  Every time I sell a product or service, I pay it forward via a project that reflects one of the goals of the 17 SDGs of the UN.  As you ‘buy one’ from me, I ‘give one’ – acknowledging gratefully that you have enabled this gift.

 I am very concerned about the loss of direct educational experience that has hit our Nations for over two years now.  Whilst I most certainly mean school students, I include anyone of any age who has a love of learning.  In response, I am seeking to resurrect the programmes that were at the heart of my happiest times with Buzan Centres.  Buzan Centres were the brainchild of the late Tony Buzan (Creator of Mind Mapping) and the birthchild of the very present Vanda North, who set up Buzan Centres Internationally.

 We used to run family study weekends together where students of all ages could come and experience the joy of seeing their speed-reading skills increase, their memory boosted, and their ability to organise their thoughts revolutionised.

 This recording was captured last Christmas, and in it I made a promise that I haven’t yet kept – to begin those programmes again.  Now you can hold me to that promise.

 And for every course place that I sell, or gracious gift to support our work that we receive (so we can provide free training too), we will honour Saint Egwin’s spirit by paying a portion forward towards fulfilling the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, via the wonderful


Come, let us learn together, and make a difference together, forever.


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